Monday, April 10, 2023

Paddle Care Tip

Don't be left up the creek without a paddle!

Broken paddles are no fun, can be a safety hazard, and impact your bank account.  Being mindful of your paddle can go a long way to preventing it from breaking.  One way to protect your paddle is don't put your paddle on the ground.

Sea Kayak Paddle on Ground
Don't put your paddle on the ground.

Paddles on the ground can get stepped on or run over.  I regularly see paddlers javelin throw their paddle onto shore when landing.  Then the paddle gets left on the ground as people step on it and even drag kayaks across it.  The impact from hitting the ground and/or getting stepped on or drug over will stress the paddle.  This can create tiny cracks that you don't see but may crack further when you aren't expecting it.

Paddle Care Tip - 

Get in the habit of never setting your paddle on the ground.  

Here are 3 ways to protectively stow your paddle when you are on shore.

1. Put the Paddle in the Cockpit

Stow Lendal Paddle in Cockpit of P&H Sea Kayak

2. Stow the Paddle Under the Decklines or bungees.

Stowing Lendal Paddle Under Deck Lines on P&H Sea Kayak

3.  Secure the paddle with a paddle park.

Paddle Park for Lendal Paddle on P&H Sea Kayak
Paddle Park

Happy Paddles make Happy Paddlers :)

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