Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Woman on Water

Please forgive the lack of writing this month/year.  I truly have been a woman on water.  Most recently my adventures have been teaching and guiding on the Mendocino Coast for Liquid Fusion Kayaking.  As summer begins, we have become quite busy.  Today I had a couple of moments to reflect on the magic of what I get to do.

Our dry and mild wildlife watching kayak tours are popular with families and first time kayakers.  After one of my tours this week, an 8 year old told me that he loved kayaking and it was his best day ever.
Fort Bragg Mendocino Coast Kayaking
A dry and mild family kayak trip on the Mendocino Coast
We also had a 64 year old tell us the same thing.  Today we had a mother and 3 daughters out rock gardening on our Whitewater of the Sea Adventure.  Mom got the biggest ride of the day.
Rock garden whitewater kayak Mendocino
A wet and wild ocean kayak adventure on the Mendocino Coast

I can't wait to hear what the 3 brothers say.

Whether mild or wild, each day brings new adventures.
I encourage everyone to live outside the box and get out on the water.
Valley Gemini Sea Kayak Mendocino
Cate in her Valley Gemini SP Sea Kayak.

Or in it!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dawn Patrol

"An object at rest remains at rest unless acted upon by a force. An object in motion remains in motion unless acted upon by a force." Newton's First Law of Motion

It's 4:45am.  The alarm clock hasn't gone off yet but my internal clock has activated.  My body continues at rest nestled in the covers and sandwiched between Jeff and Tom Cat.  I could happily remain in bed but a force stirs within and sets my body in motion . . . 

Dawn Patrol

As I emerge from the house, it is dark, but I can hear the surf - a constant roar.  The air is still and cool.

This morning, I don't have to search but know exactly where to go.  I have a mission - to get wet and catch one wave.  I've been guiding kayak tours a lot and need some "me" time.  Time for me to enjoy the ocean and her power and beauty without the responsibility of others.

I know exactly where to go.  I don't expect huge waves, barrels, or even long clean rides - just faces to slide upon and frothy salt water in the face.

Arriving at the beach, no one else is there.  Jeff has decided not to surf this morning but tags along to enjoy dawn on the beach.  It is light but the sun is not up yet. I watch the waves for just a couple of minutes - not really caring about their shape or form but just longing to be out there in them.

The stillness of the morning is interrupted by the screaming calls of black oystercatchers as they patrol the beach for breakfast.  I hop in my kayak and paddle out.  As I paddle up and over foam piles, my hands get the first cold water wake-up of the morning.  As I move further out into the surf zone and paddle through a wave, the cold water smacks me in the face knocking the cobwebs out.  I feel so ALIVE!!!

The surf is small and confused.  I see a bump of water on the horizon and continue to work my way to the outside.  As the bump travels toward me, I continue to warm-up - focusing on my forward stroke technique - a vertical shaft, good anchor, legs and torso powering the stroke.

The bump continues to roll toward the beach.  It wells up into a mound and then into a steep slope of water. I launch onto its 4 foot glassy face, and the sun crests the trees erasing the gray of dawn - sparkling off the whitewater and illuminating the glassy, green face of my wave.  

The ride wasn't anything spectacular but the moment was magical   This was the moment that my soul was craving.

kayak surfing mendocino coast
Kayak Surfing on the Mendocino Coast of California