Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ya Never Know

One of my favorite things about teaching and guiding kayak adventures is "Ya Never Know" what you might see or encounter.

Last week I was guiding a family from the bay area on a Noyo Meander Kayak Tour.  The trip was fun with a positive energetic group.

We encountered some of the usual characters - harbor seals

But then we came around the corner and encountered a man playing guitar on the bank of the Noyo River.
He was quite good and strumming a tune about evolution - "Ya Never Know" what you might encounter.

The Noyo River is definitely a "Ya Never Know" spot.  Earlier this month, we had a couple of mute swan sightings.
And now, this mute swan seems to have decided to hang out - perhaps for the summer but "Ya Never Know".

On the wilder side of things, "Ya Never Know" who is going to be the star on a Whitewater of the Sea Adventure.  It is not uncommon for the ladies to show up the guys.  However on one of our trips this spring; we had a first time kayaker get the ride of the day.

Stay tuned for more adventures - "Ya Never Know"  . . .