Sunday, September 16, 2012

Growing Pains?

It is with reluctance but necessity that I am selling my Kokatat Rogue Drytop - women's small plum.
Kokatat Women's Rogue Dry Top Plum Size Small.  Good Condition $200 Leak tested by Kokatat last week - no leaks.
It is a great drytop in excellent condition with custom neoprene gaskets and just back from a leak test by Kokatat.  I hate to sell it because it is a great top and I love the color (which is now discontinued); however, it doesn't fit any more.

No, the top didn't shrink.  I have gained a few pounds and now the top is too small.  I am not totally lamenting the weight gain though because I am now over 120 pounds which seems to be a magic weight in the whitewater kayak world.  Often boats are made for people 120 pounds or more.  I often feel like the short kid who goes to the fair and can't ride the rides because "YOU MUST BE THIS TALL to ride this ride."  YEAH!!!  Maybe more boats and other kayak gear will fit me now.

Those that knew me 5 years ago before I became a kayak bum knew me as a lean, mean competitive mountain biker and triathlete.  Now, I am a kayak bum.  Hence a little bit more body fat but also a much stronger upper body.  If only I could grow my legs a couple of inches longer.

Speaking of longer, shorter, taller, ect.  We are selling a bunch of our used kayaks and gear. This is gear that doesn't fit us or we have replaced including my gore-tex dry bibs that go with the drytop and Jeff's drysuit.  If you are looking for some good quality used gear, check out our online gear sale.

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Kayak Rock Garden Video

A few quiet days has me catching up on some bookkeeping and housekeeping.  I carved out a few moments to put together a new video for Liquid Fusion Kayaking.  This is a new kayak rock gardening video.  It is mostly our Labor Day Waves n Caves Weekend students kayaking in the rock gardens of the Mendocino Coast.

Be sure to watch the last 30 seconds of the video for one of the hazards of being a kayak instructor.