Saturday, November 30, 2019


It was too sappy to call this post Gushing with Gratitude.  But that isn't a bad thing.

As we roll into Liquid Fusion Kayaking's slower season, Jeff and I have been reviewing Liquid Fusion Kayaking's business plan and our own personal goals.  Health and happiness are at the top of my short and long term goal list.  This week, I reaffirmed how simple this can be, and I am literally gushing with gratefulness.
Strolling among redwood trees - breathing the fresh air - marveling at life.
I am grateful that I have found the magic potion for happiness - time spent in nature.  It can be as simple as walking on my errands around town - admiring plants and birds or as exhilarating as surfing my kayak, running whitewater, or mountain biking in the forest.  I have let go of the perception that every adventure has to be epic - perfect waves, big whitewater, fast rides.  I have shifted my mindset and discovered that every adventure is a victory of the soul.
My surfing pals and I call surfing a wave that doesn't break sledding.  Rather than being frustrated that the surf is small, I sled and rejoice that I am able to get outside and play in the sea.  There will be days with better waves.
I feel very fortunate to live in Fort Bragg, California with access to the sea and the redwood forest.   I also greatly appreciate my friends, neighbors, and community.  Solo missions are special but sharing adventures with friends is feeds the happiness quotient.
Camping on the Eel River
As we roll into the holidays, take time reflect on all the blessings of this world.  Rejoice in them and share them with others.
Our coastal mountain biking crew sharing adventures in the desert.