Friday, December 30, 2022

Big Changes for 2023

Refocusing on Kayak Instruction for 2023

A brief reintroduction for those of us who have lost touch over the years -

Cate the Wood Sprite Mushroom Hunting

My name is Cate Hawthorne and I am an outdoor addict. I identify myself as a wood sprite and a mermaid. Kayaking happens to be one of my many outdoor passions.  

I am a former public education teacher who left the public schools in 2008 to become a small business owner and kayak instructor. My partner Jeff and I own and operate Liquid Fusion Kayaking on the Mendocino Coast of California (and beyond). LFK is an instructional kayak company for sea, whitewater, surf, and recreational kayaking. Whitewater of the Sea (whitewater ocean kayaking) and sea kayak rock gardening are 2 of our specialities

Cate the Mermaid Romping in Whitewater of the Sea

Kayak instruction is my speciality, however, the past 3 years has had me renting kayaks more than teaching kayaking. For more - Read a Brief History of Liquid Fusion Kayaking.  

For 2023, we are refocusing on instruction. We have moved our instructional fleet and office from the Noyo River to our home in Fort Bragg, CA. We are discontinuing our kayak rental and flat water tour programs to open up our schedule for more private lessons and custom/private classes/tours.  We plan to continue seasonal focuses like whitewater in the spring on the Eel River and summer/fall sea kayaking and whitewater of the sea on the Mendocino Coast.  Check out our Kayak Lessons.

I am excited about the future and sharing more instructional kayaking opportunities with you - both online and in person. I plan to revamp my Woman on Water Blog and revise the subscription options so be sure to check back.  

Subscribe to LFK's YouTube Channel, its free and you will see some of my new work there first - hint instructional videos are in the works. Here's a link to subscribe.

2023 is going to be the year of paddling FUN!

Best of days on the water,


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