Monday, April 20, 2020

Shelter in Place Videos

These are crazy, uncertain times.  I feel very fortunate to have a comfortable home, agreeable partner for sheltering in place, lots of projects, and lots of good books to read.  What has been difficult for me is the economic uncertainty and not being able to play outside (hike, bike, kayak, camp).

If I wear a mask can I go surfing? Please, pretty please!!!
Sea Kayak Surfing Mendocino
Who is that masked woman?
Cate surfing the Dagger Stratos 14.5 sea kayak on the Mendocino Coast of California

All beaches, trails, and parks are closed in Mendocino County, and Mendocino County's SIP orders state that you cannot drive to exercise.  As an avid mountain biker, trail runner, hiker, surfer, and kayaker this is extremely challenging especially in stressful times.  One positive is that I have gotten back into doing weight and flexibility training.  

With extra time at home, I have been working on some new videos.  My current video goal is to tell a story.  I have a couple of instructional and how to videos planned as well.  My story telling videos will have 2 versions.  The Hot Lap version will be 1 minute videos designed for those without a lot of time or attention span.  The second version will be the full edit and is likely to be between 2.5 and 5 minutes.  My videos will all be posted on Liquid Fusion Kayaking's YouTube Channel.  

Please subscribe to Liquid Fusion Kayaking's YouTube Channel.  This way you can be notified of new videos.  It also helps me stay motivated to produce more content.  To subscribe, here is a link.  Click on the subscribe button.

My latest videos are from a little shelter in place adventure that Jeff and I had last week.  It is called the Shelter in Place Triathlon.  We walk/hiked from our house, swam across the Noyo River, and sea kayaked out into the ocean.  There are 2 versions of the video - a fast and fun 1 minute and a fun commentary filled 5 minute video.  

Please watch and comment on the videos.  I'd also love to hear any feedback or suggestions that you have for my videos.  In particular, do you like the one minute edits or longer edits or both?

Be well and be kind,

PS If you haven't heard - The California Watersport Collective is offering a series of online coaching webinars with an all star cast of kayak instructors and a huge range of topics.  I will be presenting Whitewater of the Sea on May 6.   Check out the line up of webinars - CWWC Online Coaching