Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Action Jackson

Jeff and I are excited to have been invited to join Jackson Kayak's Exploration Team.  Last fall, we pulled the trigger on some brand new Jackson Kayak Zen's to use for Liquid Fusion Kayaking's rock gardening and whitewater kayaking classes.  Of course we had to paddle them to get a feel for them.

We were really stoked with the boats and Jackson Kayak Company.  We like that Jackson makes kayaks for all ages, sizes, and kayaking abilities.  Their line of boats is constantly evolving and continuing to meet the needs of competition creeking and playboating but also the needs of a recreational kayaker who wants a comfortable and quality boat.  For school boats, we love Jackson's outfitting that can quickly and easily be adjusted to fit different paddlers - and is even adjustable while on the water.  Our students rave about the customer service as well as the quality of the boats which are made in the USA and using all materials made in the USA.  We were honored to be asked to join the Jackson Kayak Exploration Team and are looking forward to paddling Jackson Kayaks for our whitewater river and whitewater of the sea (rock gardening) classes and adventures.  We will be sharing our adventures and doing some educational videos and blogs for the Jackson Kayak Community.

Our first project was helping with the filming of the new Karma RG promo video.

Here is my first blog post for Jackson Kayak - Karma and Zen in the Redwoods.  My next project for JK is a going to be a video on outfitting a Jackson Kayak for a smaller paddler.  I will be continuing to write here on my woman on water blog as well.  Stay tuned.