Monday, October 26, 2015

Waves Wildlife and Wonder of Mendocino County Video

Jeff and I are just back from an awesome trip to Oregon.  Here's a little recap of our adventures at the Lumpy Waters Symposium in Pacific City, Oregon.  One of the reasons that we love going to Lumpy Waters is because it is predominately kayakers from Oregon and Washington.  Being among a different community of paddlers, we get to hear about different places in the Pacific Northwest..  When we share that we are from Northern California, we get either the "ouuuu - we want to come see you" or a blank look and then an acknowledgement of being near San Francisco.

This year, we stepped up to the plate and volunteered to do a presentation at the symposium on Mendocino County, California.  Neither of us like to talk in front of big groups so we opted to go the video route.  A video is a labor of love.  Countless hours go into brainstorming, collecting footage, editing, and finding the right music.  This video is a little bit longer than I like, but I think it is my best video so far.

Carve out 11 minutes of your day and let me share the Waves, Wildlife, and Wonder of Mendocino County, California with you (please turn the sound on your speakers or put your headphones on).

I hope that you enjoy the video.  If you do, please share it.