Monday, April 3, 2023

Join the Journey

Happy Spring!  Are you getting excited about spring/summer kayaking adventures?  Jeff and I are and have adventures and projects that we would like to share with you.

Liquid Fusion Kayaking's Cate Hawthorne in her happy place - on a wave!

On the Mendocino Coast, we have had a wet and chilly winter.  After 3 dry years, it is nice to have a proper winter with lots of precipitation.  Nothing record breaking here on the coast except for colder than average temperatures and what seems to be daily hail storms.  Elsewhere in California has been a different story - including inland Mendocino County.  Our inland paddling playground of the Eel River has been frozen, flooded, and even snowed in.  Mudslides, down trees, and significant snowfall have impeded travel in the county.  We have been happily hanging out at home on the coast working on projects, surfing, rock gardening, and dreaming of the spring whitewater season.  

Hail! Hail! Hail!

We have been working on revving up Liquid Fusion Kayaking's Instructional Program.  In December, we moved out of our rental and tour location on the Noyo River.  We are currently operating the business end of LFK from our home office and then meeting our students at the water (river, harbor, beach, pool, ect.).   This change has enabled us to have more availability for kayak lessons and for instructional projects.


As we evolve LFK back to its roots in kayak instruction, we invite you to join in the journey - on the water with us and/or virtually.  

Sea Kayak Rock Gardening Lesson on the Mendocino Coast

To join us on the water, here is a link to information on our custom private lessons.  Our schedule has a bit of flexibility to accommodate your interests and schedule so hit us up with your dreams and let's make it happen.

You can also join us virtually.  We are creating more instructional and educational videos and blog posts.  We will post some teasers on Instagram and Facebook but be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and my Woman on Water Blog to get the goods.

If there are any skills or topics that you would like to see from us in a video or blog post, please let us know.  We have some ideas but would also be stoked to hear from you.

Best of days on the water,


Whitewater of the SEA!

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