Monday, April 15, 2019

What Ever Floats Your Boat

Last weekend we had the privilege of sharing a wilderness whitewater run on the Eel River with several of our mountain biking friends.  It was their first river run.  It was very special for them to experience the Eel River and for us to share it.

Our paddling pal rigged up his raft to make this possible.  Our friends had a great time riding on the raft and even giving the oars a try.
Gail giving the oars a try.
These days, there are many different options for people to get out on the water.  If you are getting out on the water for the first time or wanting to get friends or family out on to the water for the first time, take your time and figure out what's the right experience for them.  This includes where, what boat, when, and with who.  Maybe you prefer a performance craft but be considerate of what will be best starting point for you and/or your friends.
Tandem recreational kayaks are stable and an easy way to make kayaking fun and accessible for all ages and abilities.
The water world is a fun place to play but not all craft and waters are ideal for all folks.  When in doubt, consult a reputable instructor or guide in the area where you want to go.  Whether it is sharing a trip on the water with friends or customers, my goal is for everyone to enjoy the experience so much that they are want to go again.
Whitewater sit on top kayaks are a great way to hook folks on ocean kayaking and rock gardening.
I am stoked that my friends had a great time and look forward to going again.  We made a lot of great memories on the trip and have many stories to share.  My mission was accomplished - they had so much fun that they are looking forward to the next trip!
Fun sharing how we like to play on the river with friends - its also fun to have a peanut gallery when surfing waves.  
The peanut gallery pulled over to cheer and jeer Jeff and I as we surf this wave.

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