Monday, May 1, 2023

Spring Mendocino Sea Kayaking

 On the Mendocino Coast of California, we typically have 4 seasons - 

Summer - Fog

Fall - Indian Summer

Winter - Rain

Spring - WIND

Sea kayaking in a protected cove on a blustery day

A windy spring is normal and critical for deep water upwelling in the ocean.  As the spring winds blow, they bring nutrients up from the bottom of the sea to fertilize the kelp.  Often we get days and days with strong winds which creates healthy ocean conditions but are not my favorite kayaking conditions.  Often I migrate inland in the spring for whitewater river kayaking and for a break from the wind.

Occasionally, we rally and get out for a windy romp on the sea. Here's a video of sea kayaking in our typical spring conditions.

For the best viewing experience, watch on YouTube and select the highest quality your device will allow.

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