Monday, March 11, 2019

My Story

Woman on Water

In 2008, I led my first sea kayak adventure with a friend and her mom. Both were long time whitewater kayakers.  We had an awesome afternoon paddling my home waters of the Mendocino Coast. It was my first time paddling without my significant other (Jeff), first time leading on the sea, and my first time paddling with a team of women. At the end of the paddle, we celebrated with take out beers. My friend’s mom offered a toast “To Women on Water.”

At this time, I was ready for a change in my life. I was not enjoying my job in the public schools. Jeff (my gypsy kayaker boyfriend) had decided to settle down on the Mendocino Coast. We dared to dream about creating a life that involved teaching and guiding kayaking together. Liquid Fusion Kayak Company evolved into Liquid Fusion Kayaking.

Liquid Fusion Kayaking became a multi-discipline, educational kayak company based on the Mendocino Coast of California. I left my teaching job, took business classes, and focused on building my kayak skills in sea, whitewater, and surf kayaking. After our first season, I wanted to share helpful tips and tell stories about adventures on the water. I decided to start writing a blog.  Because the outdoor industry and kayaking in particular is so male dominated, I wanted to write from a woman's perspective.

When deciding on a title for the blog, I fondly recalled that Women on the Water evening. I decided to call my blog Woman on Water. The name stuck.

Fast forward to 2019 - I am still teaching and guiding sea, whitewater, and surf kayaking and leading kayak eco-tours for Liquid Fusion Kayaking. I am hoping to inspire people to get off the computer and get out on the water and in nature more. 

Thanks for reading my story - now get outside!

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