Friday, October 9, 2009

Tail of a Noyo Harbor Cat

Felis catus noyo - subspecies of domestic cats specific to the Noyo Harbor of Fort Bragg, California. These cats generally have black and white or gray and white "tuxedo" markings and reside along Fort Bragg's Noyo River. It is common to see them in the Noyo Harbor around the fisheries, but some appear to have migrated into the town of Fort Bragg and up the river. Several are regularly sighted in the vicinity of the river otters' dens and shoreline tunnels. It is theorized that they have a symbiotic relationship with the river otters of the Noyo River.

Today, my friend Amy and I were kayaking up the Noyo River and discovered a Noyo Harbor Cat stranded on a log in the river. She was damp and shivering uncomfortably on the log. We figured that she must have lost her balance and fell down the steep bank.

The tide was rising and her log was soon to be submersed so we decided to attempt a rescue. We paddled next to her log and with the guidance of my paddle (I didn't want to risk her putting holes in my drytop) coaxed her onto the deck of our kayak.

She cooperatively sat there while we paddled her to shore landing her on the bank (hopefully on the side with her home).

God speed kitty and be careful around steep river banks.