Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Mendocino Trilogy

Sea + River + Surf = The Mendocino Trilogy

When it rains (typically winter and early spring), Mendocino County has whitewater river kayaking, surf kayaking, and world class ocean rock gardening.  It sets up perfectly for whitewater kayakers who want a sampling of all 3 - sea, river, surf.  I am getting excited for Liquid Fusion Kayaking's Holiday Whitewater n Surf Safari.  This is an annual event that Jeff and I host during the Christmas - New Year time period.  
Kayak surfing on the Mendocino Coast during LFK's whitewater n surf safari. Photo by Mark Boyd.
The Whitewater n Surf Safari is my favorite events because it is all about playing in whitewater kayaks.  I enjoy teaching but when we take people on safari, it is all about guided play.  I get to coach students on surfing, riding rock garden features like pour-overs, and playing down the river.  Of course a bit of coaching involves demonstrating - demonstrating how to play.
Whitewater river kayaking on Mendocino County's  Eel River.  Photo by Mark Boyd.
Things are looking good for this year.  Regular rains have the rivers flowing and large period swells have shored up the sand bars at a couple of our favorite surf breaks.  So far, we have 2 participants coming for their 3rd Whitewater n Surf Safari with us and two newbies to be initiated.  We have space for a couple more.  If you have class III whitewater skills, a reliable roll, and know how to play nicely in the surf and rock gardens, you can put your playground application in with us.
Playing in a blowhole off the Mendocino Headlands . Photo by Mark Boyd
Check out this photo gallery of Mark Boyd's photos from LFK's 2015 Whitewater n Surf Safari.
Exploring Mendocino's sea caves and rock gardens in whitewater kayaks.  Photo by Mark Boyd

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