Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hoppy Beerday to Me!

I don't often share my birthday details.  Only my close friends and family know my birthday.  I figure that to others if I don't have a birthday, I don't age.  I bet some of my former hockey teammates still think that I am 29.  Well I am.  Growing up is not on my life bucket list.

Over the past 10 years, some of my birthdays have been spent with the love of my life - Jeff.  Others have been flying solo.  This was a solo year as Jeff was coaching a BCU 3 Star Sea Training at Fort Stevens, Oregon for Alder Creek Canoe/Kayak/Raft/SUP 's annual BCU week.

Of course I would have loved to share the day with him, but he wasn't here.  I had a great day and I know that he is a bit envious that he missed out on what the universe had in store for my birthday this year.

A joy of bach'ing it and self employment is being able to be on ones own schedule.  My birthday entailed some housework - something that often gets neglected in our life.  It was a rainy day and perfect for me to get our house in order.  The fall rain was beautiful - warm and refreshing.  Everything smelled so fresh and clean.  It was a perfect day to get the house clean and in order too (well somewhat).

A random glance at Instagram revealed that this year's barrel aged Old Rasputin batch XIX was just released.  You know that you live in the right place when your favorite beer is brewed in your hometown.  Even better, when a release of their special barrel aged version happens on your birthday.  Of course, I had to venture down to North Coast Brewing Company to pick up a bottle.  Hoppy Beerday to Me!

I slipped out during an afternoon break in the rain to pick up my special beer and to go for a run on one of my favorite trails.  I enjoyed the fresh, clean sent of the forest after a rain but had to watch my footing on wet roots and the presence of rough-skinned newts on the trail.
Rough-skinned newts enjoying the fall rain Photo from California Herps.
Of course fall rain is exciting - October rains bring November flowers (mushrooms).
Last year's score of Boletus edulis - King Boletes!
As I drove home from running, the ocean was glassy, gray and flat - possibly perfect surf conditions for a solo surf at my favorite local break.  One doesn't usually think of flat, small seas for good surf - that 's ok - it keeps the crowds away.  My favorite spot was working.

The waves were glassy smooth - 3-4 feet and spilling with the occasional 5-6 footers.  It drizzled off and on and the breeze was slight and off shore.  It was perfect for a mellow, contemplative, solo surf session.

I wasn't totally alone . . . a Common loon hovered just outside the surf break.  I heard his loony haunting call but didn't seen any other loons out there.  Must just be the two of us.  I thanked mother ocean for the blessing of beautiful seas on my birthday.  My birthday surf was fulfilled with gliding, carving, and dancing with the sea.

At home a tasty barrel aged Old Rasputin awaited.
Hoppy Beerday to Me!


  1. Age is only a number; its the attitude that counts. Hope you had a good one!

    1. Thanks Tony! You are so right about the number thing!