Monday, January 12, 2015

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

High Pressure seems to have stalled out again along the Mendocino Coast.  Days have been warm and sunny.  Gorgeous and torturous for Jeff and I as we hunker down at the computer building Liquid Fusion Kayaking's new website.  Jeff's new whitewater kayak, a Jackson Kayak Zen, arrived this week and so did one of our SoCal boating buds so of course it was inevitable that we had to get both of them wet.  With dry conditions, play days on the Eel are over for awhile so off into the Whitewater of the Sea we went (aka ocean rock gardening).

Of course the afternoon that we rally - ends up being cloudy.  Mottled skies pretty much matched my mood as too much time on the computer puts me out of sorts.

I was definitely off my game.  My first ride of the day was mistimed and gave me a pretty good whack - expanding the dark cloud hanging over my head.  I slogged along as the sky reflected my confuddled mood.

The guys paddled and played and I tagged along and took photos.

The late afternoon lighting was surreal and the long period swell kept things quite interesting.

Every now and again, glimmers of sunshine peaked through. We were treated to a pastel panorama of clouds.  Sea lions, gulls, and even a brown pelican create interesting silhouettes to the landscape

The sunset eluded us but the dusky evening lighting wasn't too shabby.

My spirits were lifted when I got home and saw that I got some nice photos from the day.

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