Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Game On!

2015 rang in with sunshine and surf . . . As we contemplated a noon activity, a text came in from one of our surfing posse of glassy waves at a local break.  Decision made . . .  wetsuits were donned and surf boats loaded.

As usual, it looked good from a far but was far from good.  We arrived at the water's edge, and our buddy was exiting and retracking his earlier text.  Oh well  . . . we were all dressed up with only one way to go.

It was bumpy, windy, and getting progressively dumpier with the quickly ebbing tide but we paddled out anyway.  It was New Year's Day afterall  - time to get wet.

Jeff ripped the sh!!@$# out of his first wave and scooted by me for a quick kiss and back out for more.  I was lost in the puzzle of changing conditions, but loving every minute of it.  Dropping in just to drop in . . . catching some shoulders but mostly getting big drops and then getting trashed as the wave hit the shallow sand bar.  So is the nature of days in the surf.

Some days you surf and others you get surfed . . .

But as the saying goes . . . the worst day fishing beats the best day working . . . any day playing in the surf is good.

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  1. Looked good from afar but was far from good - I love it!!! Been there...Happy New Year to you and Jeff. Hope to see you guys this spring! - Nancy S.