Monday, March 17, 2014

Rumors of a New Rock Garden Kayak

The rumors that Jackson Kayak has a new rock garden kayak are true.  Last week, we got to take the first ones out for a 3 day demo and video shoot on the waters of Mendocino County.  The boat is called the Karma Unlimited RG.  We ended up calling it RG for short.  RG stands for Rock Garden and River Guide.  It is based on the design of Jackson's Karma whitewater creek race boat.
Jackson Karma Unlimited RG on Mendocino's Eel River photo by Sean Morley
Here's a video about the creek boat version.

Basically the RG has all the features of the Unlimited and also has a rear bulkhead and hatch, decklines, and a drop down skeg to make for a versatile ocean play boat or whitewater river expedition boat.  More details and a promo video about the RG will be coming out soon.
The Karma RG has all the features necessary on an ocean rock garden play boat.
We got to paddle the RG in the rock gardens and surf of the Mendocino Coast and on a class III whitewater stretch of the Eel River.  I was prepared to put my game face on and just paddle the boat for the promo video; however, I fell in love with the boat and am excited about its possibilities for both rock gardening and ocean play as well as multi-day river trips.
The Karma RG is a blast on the river!!! Photo by Sean Morley
Stay tuned for more videos, photos and a full review.


  1. Promo video is now live

  2. Would like to see your review of the RG, especially with comparison to the Dagger Alchemy, which you reviewed previously.

    1. Hi Dan, Thanks for checking out my blog. I do need to get a Karma RG review up. Thanks for prodding. In the meantime, you are welcome to contact me through Liquid Fusion Kayaking if you have any specific questions about the Karma RG and how it compares to the Alchemy. They are quite different. Currently I am testing the P&H Hammer and am pretty impressed with it. Cheers, Cate