Thursday, December 19, 2013

Snow Day on the Eel River

Cold and dry was the prediction for the winter of 2013/2014 and it seems that they were correct.

Over the weekend, Jeff and I did a scouting trip to the Eel River.  We were preparing for a swiftwater safety course and expected the river to be low but weren't expecting snow.

We saw at least 20 salmon.  Some were spawning and others were waiting in pools before traveling further up the river.  We can only imagine what a rocky journey it has and will be with very little water in the river.

Bald eagles were plentiful along the river. They like salmon too.

We enjoyed the familiar sounds of the American Dipper and watching them zip about and dip into the chilly water to feed.

While this wasn't the winter wonderland (or perhaps we should say playland) that we were looking for, it sure was beautiful and we enjoyed it.  Carpe diem!

Here's a link to more of photos from our traipse about on the Eel River.

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