Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Woman on Water

Please forgive the lack of writing this month/year.  I truly have been a woman on water.  Most recently my adventures have been teaching and guiding on the Mendocino Coast for Liquid Fusion Kayaking.  As summer begins, we have become quite busy.  Today I had a couple of moments to reflect on the magic of what I get to do.

Our dry and mild wildlife watching kayak tours are popular with families and first time kayakers.  After one of my tours this week, an 8 year old told me that he loved kayaking and it was his best day ever.
Fort Bragg Mendocino Coast Kayaking
A dry and mild family kayak trip on the Mendocino Coast
We also had a 64 year old tell us the same thing.  Today we had a mother and 3 daughters out rock gardening on our Whitewater of the Sea Adventure.  Mom got the biggest ride of the day.
Rock garden whitewater kayak Mendocino
A wet and wild ocean kayak adventure on the Mendocino Coast

I can't wait to hear what the 3 brothers say.

Whether mild or wild, each day brings new adventures.
I encourage everyone to live outside the box and get out on the water.
Valley Gemini Sea Kayak Mendocino
Cate in her Valley Gemini SP Sea Kayak.

Or in it!!!

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