Monday, April 29, 2013

Run'd Oft

" R...U...N...D...O...F...T"
O'Brother Where Art Thou

Yep, it's true - I dun Runned Off for a bit with my sweetie.  Our Spring Run-Off was a journey to do some Northern California Whitewater Kayaking before summer. We boated on the Upper Sacramento River, The McCloud River, and the Trinity River.
Kayaking a  ledge drop on the Upper Sacramento River.
The McCloud River Hearst Run
Class FUN on the Trinity River.
It was a great trip with lots of fun Class III and IV whitewater (and other fun adventures).  I am working on a photo slideshow and a video from our trip as well as some new gear reviews including an addendum to my review of the Liquid Logic Remix 59.

Cate and Jeff on whitewater tour.


  1. Great blog and really like the way you have watermarked your images. I am thinking that I should rush off to liquidfusion as I am typing this. keep it up. kayaking, kayak

    1. Hi Peter, Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting. We'd be stoked to share a kayaking adventure with you.

    2. Love the way you guys live life!! Peggy