Thursday, December 13, 2012

Women on the Water

Lots of time on the water has had my Woman on Water blog a bit quiet.  I have lots of great material in my head and but just not the computer time to get them onto the blog.  I also have to admit that we are having camera issues again (more on that another time).  Stay tuned for some kayak and gear reviews with some thoughts and experiences with waterproof digital cameras.

It isn't even winter yet and we have been getting some great surf and whitewater kayaking session in our local Mendocino County waters.  I have been super stoked to not always be the only woman out there on the water.  Here are some action shots from the past month -

Lucy O'Brien rips in the surf.

June Ruckman Albright at the oars.

Terre whitewater kayaks on the Eel River.

Carla takes the cataraft down the Eel.

Diane styles the Eel in her C1.

And here's me on Rancheria Creek.
Cate runs
Today, I am off to the Mendocino Coast Women in Business Network meeting, a mountain bike ride (with some wild mushroom hunting), then swift water safety training.  Rest and relax in the off-season?

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