Sunday, August 5, 2012

Women on Water

It was a Monday night in April 2008.  Liquid Fusion Kayaking on the Mendocino Coast was in its infancy.  Jeff was on the American River doing an ACA whitewater training with Mary DeRiemer of DeRiemer Adventure Kayaking.

We had started doing Monday Night Social Paddles in the Noyo Bay so I went down with my sea kayak to see if anyone showed up to paddle.  Angie and her mom Karen were there.  The 3 of us went out for an evening paddle along the Fort Bragg Coastline.

After the paddle, we enjoyed some TOB's on the beach and Karen offered up a toast to Women on Water.  This was the evening that inspired my Women on Water blog.

Karen returned to Ohio the next day.  Angie remained in Fort Bragg.  (We had many adventures and misadventures kayaking and diving on the Mendocino Coast until she moved to Colorado in December.)

4 years later in April 2012, Jeff and I were at Lees Ferry helping our group rig rafts for our trip down the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon.  As we were rigging, another group was launching.  We saw two familiar women on the water paddling their whitewater kayaks.  Brief hugs and hellos were shared and they were off.  We passed them briefly several times during the trip.  Here they are running House Rock Rapid.
Angie in House Rock Rapid
Karen at he bottom of House Rock Rapid.

We passed them several times on the river.  Finally, Angie and I had time to catch up on the patio of Deer Creek.
A couple of friends catch up on life.

And the tales of  women on water continue . . .

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