Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Write to Save Russian Gulch

Russian Gulch State Park is one of the 70 California state parks slated for closure in July 2012. Those that have visited Russian Gulch know what a gem it is. Those that have not, should make plans to do so. Russian Gulch's hiking trails lead into a lush coniferous rain forest and converge at a 25 foot waterfall. The picnic areas are on coastal headlands affording whale watching and spectacular views of Mendocino and Point Cabrillo. The beach is an easy launch for abalone divers and kayakers. The sea kayaking around Russian Gulch is spectacular with mazes of rock gardens, sea caves, and tunnels for exploration and play.

Will leads into the next series of arches and sea caves.

Tomorrow, the Department of Parks and Recreation will be voting whether to allow Russian Gulch (bundled with 3 other Mendocino County State Parks) be privatized (run by businesses or corporations). Our local non-profits are asking interested individuals to submit letters asking for the DPR to hold off on voting until all non-profits have had a chance to submit their proposals. Here is a link from the docent at Point Cabrillo with a sample letter.

I am going to write in support of non-profits being given a chance to run the park. Our non-profit organizations on the Mendocino Coast have a history of preservation and good management of local resources. Mendocino Area Park Association (MAPA) is a nonprofit that supports educational programs at the parks. MAPA has submitted a preliminary proposal to take over operations of Russian Gulch.

I am not an expert on the politics of such things but wanted to share what is happening. Perhaps those that are more versed could chime in to help get the word out how to save this gorgeous state park.

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