Monday, December 12, 2011


Woman on water has been a bit subdued lately as I enjoy the short days and quiet times of fall.

I've been stymied and skunked by the surf. After not much surfing over the summer, I jumped in over my head and over-stretched into some trickier breaks with bigger waves and bigger consequences. No bad carnage but badly shaken confidence has me with my tail tucked between my legs looking for some mellow surf sessions.

I just re-outfitted my surf kayak. My previous outfitting had me sitting too far back in the cockpit. I didn't have enough weight in the bow to punch through waves resulting in the wave or foam pile catching my bow and pitching me backwards - heels over head - not real fun. I took her out for a spin last week but still have more work to do to get the necessary body-boat connection.

Most of my on-water time has been work related and pretty mellow - swift water training for the local logging company fish survey crews, guiding wildlife watching tours on the Noyo River, paddling in Noyo Harbor's lighted boat parade, and testing out some new gear.

Off the water, lots of projects are underway. I am organizing our home office and slipping out to pick goodies for dinner. In addition to wild edible mushrooms, apples have been on the goody list. The dehydrator has been cranking as I envision days on the river whitewater kayaking and sharing my tasty dried apples with friends. Our first river run is going to be this Saturday. It will be a slow, low water run as we paddle and survey birds along the Russian River for the Audubon Christmas Bird Count, but it will feel good to be back on the river again.

After a busy summer, it is nice to have some quiet time to get projects done and rest and rejuvenate. However, stay tuned for more lively woman on water adventures as they are definitely on their way.

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