Monday, October 24, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

Jeff and I just returned from a fantastic week on the Oregon Coast. We really enjoy Oregon and want to explore more of the state, but we had to head home to the Mendocino Coast to celebrate Jeff's birthday weekend.

We returned to all sorts of funness including good friends coming to play, my Mendocino Fat Tire Festival article on the front page of the newspaper, a weather forecast for sunshine and calm ocean conditions, and other special treats including lots of ripe tomatoes in the garden.

King Boletes in the forest (my favorite choice edible mushroom).

Here's link to a photo album of Jeff's Birthday Fest Weekend. Check back soon for tales of our adventures in Oregon including teaching at the Lumpy Waters Symposium and adventures and misadventures with Brian Shultz of Cape Falcon Kayak.

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