Thursday, May 19, 2011

What does the Laundry Say?

Wash me!!! Duh!!!

But what does it really say?

On those weeks when the pile is high it says - "You've been playing hard and neglecting your dirty wash."

Salty polypro tops attest to some quality time upside down in the ocean - perhaps a surf or rock gardening session.

Mud splattered bike tights say - "Those mud puddles on the trail sure were fun!" While dusty socks say, "Gee it hasn't rained in a while."

Trunks and uv tops that are spattered with sunscreen attest to some warm sunny days of flat water paddling.

Carhardts always tell a tale of the latest project - "painting the bedroom green, eh?" or "need to add a little more compost to your soil."

Wool socks - "We will keep your tootsie's warm just remember to line dry."

And those dirty sheets - no comment from them - just a grin.

So from now on - don't curse the pile of dirty clothes in the hamper. Admire the fine adventures from the week.

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