Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Kayak in Your Living Room

A friend stopped by the house this week and commented, "There's a kayak in your living room!?!?"

My surf kayak is in need of an outfitting makeover. The duck tape foam paddling was a bit too loose on my last surf session. When you have to hold your legs a specific way to keep the foam in place defeats the purpose of the foam outfitting. I also feared that a swim would result in a mini-cell foam flotsam party in the surf zone.

For me, outfitting a boat is a tedious and frustrating process. I figured at maybe doing it in the warm comfort of my living room with a tasty beverage might make the process go better. So the Mini Mako is in the house for an outfitting make-over.

My skin on frame sea kayak needs an outfitting make-over too -

Think I can get it in the living room?

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