Thursday, August 11, 2016

Pure Bliss!

I wish I had my camera today. However, I don't know if photos or video could possibly capture the expressions of pure bliss on my younglings' faces this afternoon as they floated in their kayaks for the first time.

Most days in the summer, I share first kayaking experiences with adults and kids from all walks of life.  Their facial expressions and comments are priceless.  Many come with apprehension and leave trying to figure out how soon they can get on the water again.

Water is my drug and kayaking is the delivery device.

This week has been extra special.  I had a couple return for a Sunset Bird Paddle.  They did one several years ago with me and loved it.  During the paddle, they became fascinated with birds.  This week they returned to share the magic as fully fledged birders.  It was really special for them to share with me their journey of discovering birds and hearing that kayaking with me was a catalyst for their new passion.  I loved hearing them call out many different species on our trip.  Of course they enjoyed expanding their bird IQ as I shared several new species with them.

Today was special as I had a grandmother send her 3 kiddos out for a learn to kayak lesson with me.  Two years ago, her husband got the idea of kayaking and bought a couple of kayaks for them.  They came to me for a lesson.  She was quite apprehensive but once she was floating she became hooked.

Now, she and her husband take their kayaks everywhere with them and have enjoyed paddling many beautiful places.  Their favorites being remote lakes in the Sierras.  They are looking forward to sharing kayaking adventures with their grandchildren.  Today was day one.  Grandmom glowed as her grandchildren paddled and played.  3 more hooked.

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