Monday, May 14, 2012

Boater Blight

HELP!!! We have a serious case of Boater Blight!!!

Our life has been a serious whirlwind since returning from the Grand Canyon.  We have been teaching, guiding, traveling, and boating.

What is Boater Blight?  Kayaking Gear - ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!  I am too embarrassed to post photos of it - imagine kayaks strewn about the front yard (I guess it is better than rusty used appliances), paddles, booties, life jackets, dry tops, dry bags, and camping equipment in heaps on the couch and living room floor with a path to get to the rest of the house.

What's the cure for Boater Blight?  I've heard of two -

One - take a few days off, organize and clean up the mess. 

Two - push it all into the spare room, close the door, and go paddling.

I promise photos and stories from our trip to the Grand Canyon are coming.

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