Monday, May 23, 2011

When the South gets Blown South

Excitement over the south swell this weekend was pretty well nixed by strong northwest winds. What's a girl to do? Rather than fight the wind and get bounced around at sea - I ran for the hills.

Actually I didn't run - I pedaled.

Over the past 4 years, small business ownership and lots of time on the water has greatly decreased my time in the saddle. It is hard to maintain a balance between my water and land passions - especially since I make a living on the water. This spring, I started to get into a regular riding groove and think that I may be on track to finding balance.

This weekend, I connected with a local group of the Mendocino Coast Cyclists to ride the trails in the Caspar watershed area of Jackson State Forest. It was fun to ride and catch up on goings on - NEW Trails, Mendocino Coast Fat Tire Festival, trail work parties, bike lust and component envy.

The local riders are putting on a Mendocino Coast Fat Tire Festival this fall. In preparation for the festival, Jack and Roo are working on mapping the mountain bike trails. They hope to have a guide book out in the fall for the festival.

As we are riding, we come across one our local riders/trail builders doing some trail maintenance. He was building a bypass around a section of trail to decrease erosion. Cheers Jesse and all the other trail builders and maintainers for all of your hard work!!!

Traction was perfect. The couple of inches of rain that we had during the week soaked in and settled the dust. A couple of spots were a little sticky like the bottom of our ride-thru tree (which I guess by the new sign is called Drive-Thru).

Spring is a great time of year to ride. The birds are singing, the creeks are babbling, and the wildflowers are blooming.

I had to get some photos of the carpet of blue forget me nots lining the trail by Jughandle Creek.

And of Amy sporting an North Coast Brewing Company - a reminder that not only do we have great mt biking but fresh, tasty local beer. I wonder if they have an Old Rasputin Jersey?

It isn't hard to get motivated about riding on the Mendocino Coast with an AWESOME network of single track trails in a coniferous rain forest and a great bunch of riders to share it with.


  1. Cate, Glad to see that both on and off the water you are having fun. Looks like I'll have to ty a Rasputin next time I'm over at the brewery.
    Gd bless,


  2. Sylvia and I will have to get up there one day to try the riding.

  3. Great photos and ride report! Glad you had a good ride. Hope to see you on the water or trails soon!

  4. Cate,
    Finally can see this page! Yahoo! My high speed internet is in. Now, I need to let my knuckles heal from all the dragging I did for so many years on dial up.